Short Story: The Common Sydney Octopus

The sun was slowly melting my skin, as I clipped my torch to my BCD. My dive buddy and I proceeded to the entrance of Bare Island. Swaggering down the sandstone stairs, our dive boots gripping the ground, we heard squish-squashing as we carefully dodged the slippery, slimy potholes made by Sea Urchins and general erosion.

Sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water, caused us to temporarily squint, as we signalled down to immerse ourselves into the water. With cool water cheekily trickling down our necks, we gradually sunk beneath the waves.

Navigating through rocks and kelp, we began exploring. At three metres depth, I noticed some rubble and shells. Eager to investigate the construction, I took a closer peek at the scene. There it was, staring, with eyes as white as pearls, straight into mine. It generously extended one of its orange-rust red arms, which I daringly accepted and curiously returned a gaze in awe.  

© Karina Teuma

Published by Karina Teuma Karina Teuma is a Passionate Marine Biology Enthusiast, Environmentalist, Snorkeller, Freediver, Scuba Diver and more.

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