Short Story: Baby Port Jackson Shark

Goosebumps darted all over my body, as I prepped my dive gear in the chilly, harsh wind. Thick, dark, grey rain clouds hovered over us, as an isolated beam of light bathed us in temporary warmth.

Strolling to the entrance of Bass and Flinders Dive site in Sydney, Australia, the dense, mature trees provided temporary relief from the harsh, cold, bitter climate, as we descended to the entry point. The Gin clear water allowed us to view a teaser into what we were about to witness down under.  

Clearing our masks and discussing our dive plan, we signalled down into the unknown. Gliding through the vibrant green kelp, passing different colours and creatures, we stumbled upon a grand, endless twinkle of pure white sand. Green blotches of algae suddenly littered the water, like as if it was raining snot. Clearing a large clump of algae from my mask, I noticed a tiny tail wiggling in the sand. Eager to investigate further, the rest of its body suddenly appeared. “A baby Port Jackson Shark!” I squealed from my regulator, as my dive buddy and I stared at each other in disbelief. Dark eyes peering out from its oversized head, it took a few more wiggles onto the sand for comfort.

© Karina Teuma

Published by Karina Teuma Karina Teuma is a Passionate Marine Biology Enthusiast, Environmentalist, Snorkeller, Freediver, Scuba Diver and more.

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