Fast Facts: Pineapplefish

  • The Pineapplefish is an unusual fish that can produce light from organs on the lower jaw.
  • The Pineapplefish looks like a pineapple, hence the name.
  • On either side of the lower jaw is a light organ that produces a greenish glow. The colour of the light is reported to change to red as the fish ages.
  • It is often observed on shallow coastal reefs, but is also evident in deeper offshore waters.
  • The Pineapplefish feeds at night. Its prey are detected by light emitted from the light organs on the sides of the lower jaw. Within the light organs, symbiotic bacteria produce the glow colour, in accordance with its age.
  • The similar Japanese Pineapplefish, also occurs in Australian waters. It can be distinguished from the Pineapplefish by its more rounded snout.
  • The similar Japanese Pineapplefish also has light organs on the lower jaw, but these are located near the front of the jaw, rather than on the sides.

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