Fast Facts: Numb Ray

  • Is commonly found hiding under and on sand and mud bottoms in shallow bays and estuaries, but is also observed at depths over 200 m;
  • Is endemic to Australian waters;
  • Can deliver powerful electric shocks to anyone who touches it, as it has electric organs located in each pectoral fin;
  • It’s electric organs are used to shock crabs, worms and fishes, which make up it’s diet;
  • Can deliver strong electric shocks of 50 amps, with peak of pulses sometimes exceeding 1 kilowatt;
  • Is able to greatly expand its mouth to swallow relatively large prey whole; and
  • Get’s it’s name as the shock can induce numbness.

References: and own personal experience.

Published by Karina Teuma Karina Teuma is a Passionate Marine Biology Enthusiast, Environmentalist, Snorkeller, Freediver, Scuba Diver and more.

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