Fast Facts: Sea Tulips

Grows from rocks; Comes in a variety of colours such as orange, purple, yellow or pink; It’s colours are formed from an encrusting sponge, which covers its surface; Found in coastal waters to a depth of 80 m; Is unable to move around, therefore, it waits for the currents to bring food to it; LikeContinue reading “Fast Facts: Sea Tulips”

Fast Facts: Biscuit Sea Star

Is bright orange to red; Is named as such because it’s about the size of a large biscuit; The upper surface is covered with many interlocking small plates and six to eight larger plates along the edge of each of their short arms; Lives on intertidal rocky shores and in coastal waters to a depthContinue reading “Fast Facts: Biscuit Sea Star”

Fast Facts: Purple Sea Urchin

The Purple Sea Urchin is one of the most common Sea Urchins found on Sydney’s Coast; Are endemic to Australia; Body colour ranges from white to green, pink, purple and black and the spines are typically different in colour; Due to this colour diversity, it was once thought that the Purple Sea Urchin were threeContinue reading “Fast Facts: Purple Sea Urchin”

Short Story: Eastern Blue Groper

Zooming and zipping around in my agile, loyal car, I poked my neck out, sniffing for a car space, like a wolf hunting for prey. After loitering around, I finally found a space for my car to rest. My mouth wrapped around the neck of my drink bottle, as I felt the icy-cold trickle ofContinue reading “Short Story: Eastern Blue Groper”

Fast Facts: Eastern Blue Groper

Despite the name, the Eastern Blue Groper is not a groper, but a wrasse. It lives in shallow coastal waters and is regularly seen around exposed reefs. It has peg-like teeth, heavy scales, a large tail and thick lips. Juveniles are brown to green brown. Juveniles are all female. As the fish matures, it goesContinue reading “Fast Facts: Eastern Blue Groper”