Fast Facts: Numb Ray

Is commonly found hiding under and on sand and mud bottoms in shallow bays and estuaries, but is also observed at depths over 200 m; Is endemic to Australian waters; Can deliver powerful electric shocks to anyone who touches it, as it has electric organs located in each pectoral fin; It’s electric organs are usedContinue reading “Fast Facts: Numb Ray”

Fast Facts: Slate Pencil Urchin

Gets it’s name from it’s thick blunt spines that resemble old-fashioned pencils; Has thick, blunt, round spines; Lives on intertidal rocky shores and in coastal water to a depth of 80m; Are found along the east coast of Australia, including New South Wales; Is a herbivore; Comes out to feed at night; The mouth isContinue reading “Fast Facts: Slate Pencil Urchin”