Fast Facts: Numb Ray

Is commonly found hiding under and on sand and mud bottoms in shallow bays and estuaries, but is also observed at depths over 200 m; Is endemic to Australian waters; Can deliver powerful electric shocks to anyone who touches it, as it has electric organs located in each pectoral fin; It’s electric organs are usedContinue reading “Fast Facts: Numb Ray”

What a “Tosser”

Thank you to the visitors and residents of the Bayside area in Sydney, Australia, for not tossing rubbish and placing rubbish in the bin. By not being a tosser, you have made both our lives and our precious aquatic lives, safer, healthier and more sustainable. Because you have done the right thing by placing rubbishContinue reading “What a “Tosser””

Fast Facts: Comb Jellies

Are an important food item for many fishes; Vaguely resemble jellyfish, however, they do not sting; Are semi-transparent, gelatinous, barrel-shaped marine animals that move through the water by contracting bands of muscles which ring the body. These contractions draw water in the front of the test (body) and out the rear; Many are bioluminescent andContinue reading “Fast Facts: Comb Jellies”

Fast Facts: Slate Pencil Urchin

Gets it’s name from it’s thick blunt spines that resemble old-fashioned pencils; Has thick, blunt, round spines; Lives on intertidal rocky shores and in coastal water to a depth of 80m; Are found along the east coast of Australia, including New South Wales; Is a herbivore; Comes out to feed at night; The mouth isContinue reading “Fast Facts: Slate Pencil Urchin”